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Few of the suggestions given here are in common with thyroid problems. If you above 40 years you will practically appreciate this as a simple truth.


It is an universal cleaning agent. Water dissolves almost everything in the globe. The dissolving time may vary from material to material. We advice only boiled water to drink. But if you boil (Boiling means more than heating) it should bubble. Directly it evaporates the dissolved gases including oxygen. If it is cooled immediately (as usually we do it for infants and children) it contains no oxygen that is life. You must give sufficient time for the water to redissolve the gases, which will take nearly six to twelve hours. After six to twelve hours if necessary warm the water up to the body temperature and use. Filter water or water kept in mud pots are better.

Requirement of Water:

· 200m/kg/day (in hot summer)

· 50 to 100ml/kg/day (in spring season)

· 25 to 50 ml/kg/day(in winter)

If your weight is 60 kgs, the requirements will be from 1.5 to 12 litres. While drinking water we have to mix water with saliva, we must invest about 1 ½ minutes to drink one glass of water.

Take three to five tumblers of water early in the morning, which is effected as cleaning of blood (Hemo dialysis). The dissolved oxygen in water is 30 percent. In air it is 21 percent. It shows the water has higher quantity of oxygen.Reduce the quantity of water while taking food. Drink water for its lubricant effect of the tongue, oesophagus and the stomach. You can take any quantity after an hour or so. This will decrease specific gravity of blood and help in better circulation of cholesterol and oily substances and reduce the heart strain in pumping the blood. If you hurried too much while taking solid food you may get the hiccough. To avoid hiccough, munch fully and thereby add more saliva to it. Mineral water available in the market can be consumed during the unavoidable circumstances.


Out of 4800 varieties of mammals (milk secreting animals) man is the only animal consumes milk and its products after certain stage. The cow itself is not drinking the milk after one season. Those who have allergy related problems are advised to reduce milk and milk products after the growing age. The good quality of the milk can be used in the form of butter milk.


These contain wheat flour, butter, milk and egg. They increase the acidity of the blood to certain extend directly. Moreover they are heated up to 180 degrees – 340 degrees, for 15-30 minutes. They can’t contain more lively (PRANA) substances. These Bakery products can be consumed occasionally.


The newly introduce colas have the pH ranging from 2.4 to 3.4 even the mineral water is having acidic pH only. They precipitate the milk protein and fat. The milk vomited immediately by a child is in the same form but vomited after 15 minutes or 30 minutes is curd. The acidic nature of the stomach secretion (Hydrochloric Acid) precipitates the milk. The fatty substances including cholesterol if precipitated in gall bladder it is gall stone. In kidneys it is called renal stone. If the fat blocks coronary artery it is Heart-attack, in the eye it is blindness.


Mutton, chicken, fish, egg have mostly acidic pH.  At least in the initial stages reduce the non-vegetarian food to once in a week.


Most of the fruits including apple, orange, and grapes can be consumed with seeds. The seeds contain a good amount of oil that preserves the seeds for a long time. The bitterness in them stimulates immunity. The fibre helps in relieving the constipation and works as a fertilizer for the B’ complex vitamin producing organisms in the large intestine. Try to enjoy the bitter taste of seeds.


Cabbage, cauliflower, radish contain Vinyl 2 Thio Axozolidine and HCN (Hydrogen Cyanide). It prevents the trapping of iodine from the blood by the thyroid gland. Fruits and vegetables can be taken up to 1/3 of our food. Some of the fruits are available all round the year and others are seasonal. Enjoy the seasonal fruits as and when available. Hypo thyroid patients can reduce hill grown vegetables because the iodine content is very low. Try to take 1/3 to 1/6 of your food in a natural way (uncooked).


Greens with bitter taste are always good. Different coloured greens contain different minerals. So select greens colourfully. It is very good for health. It is a blood purifier. They supply magnesium, calcium, selenium, bromine, zinc, manganese, iron and vitamin A, B, C, D, E (Antioxidants).


Most commonly used germinating seeds are Green gram and Horse gram. Wheat, solam, corn, ragi, beans, chicken pea can be germinated. They gain extra power from 400 to 2500 times. These should be taken 1/6th of our daily intake. If it is taken raw the value is 100 percent. It can be boiled or added with Dhal in a semi cooked form. If you soak the germinating seeds in a mud pot (usually done in metal) with water the effect is still better.


Tea and coffee can be safely reduced quantitatively. The addition of milk is to avoid the toxicity of the tea and coffee. But we prepare tea and coffee with thick milk. We can reduce tea and coffee and the quantity of milk. Even green tea is very good for health and it is now available everywhere.


Sweet taste can be got by means of jaggery more than the refined sugar. Jaggery contains many more minerals and vitamins.


At least those who are obese and diabetic should use mud pot for cooking rice and decant the water. The mud pot is likely to absorb the toxic effects of the cooking gas.


· While going to bed you see that, when you wake up, you should see the sun first;

· Wake up before 6 A.M;

· While waking up do slowly and steadily (like cat);

· As far as possible avoid sleeping in the afternoons;

· Try to finish the supper before 7 P.M. (before sunset is preferable – like jains do);

· Avoid wearing slippers inside the house;

· Enjoy food while sitting on the ground (chair may be preferred occasionally);

· Bend your body to sweep and clean your own room at least;

· Gaze the stars at least for two minutes during night.


Reduce polyester and viscose material and increase cotton clothes. Ladies should wear blouse and Saree. Men at home can avoid shirt and banians (This is followed in many Hindu Temples).


Herbal soaps can be safely used.


Silver or brass and copper should be preferred. Castor oil, Linseed oil can be used. Ground nut oil may not be preferred.


As far as South India is concerned, Tamil is the best language. Singing in Tamil, Speaking in Tamil are good yoga exercises. The letter ‘Zha - ()’ is the specialty of Tamil language. Languages like English where the tip of the tongue does the most of the action (conserve heat), it does not reduce the body temperature like Tamil.


The most accepted Yogasana is Sarvangasana. This should be learnt from a qualified and experienced master. Those who have problems with heart, lungs, brain and blood pressure should do the alternative asanas first.

The following Asanas are recommended for thyroid problems:

Ø Suriya Namaskar

Ø Bujangasana

Ø Navasana

Ø Matyaasana

Ø Ardhamachendraasana

Ø Bakshimothasana

Ø Chakraasana

Ø Yogamudhra

Ø Santhiyaasana

In addition to the above Nadi sudhi, kabala pathy, Kriyas, Bandhas, Meditation, Satsang are also advised. Physical exercises for the neck and the muscles around the thyroid gland are also necessary.


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  • Acupunture Foundation, Coimbatore - 641012
  • Om Yoga Center, Coimbatore - 641002
  • Nature Cure Center, Coimbatore - 641012
  • Indian REIKI Foundation, Coimbatore - 641012
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  • 'Life Member', IMA (Indian Medical Association), Coimbatore, Tamilnadu
  • 'Treasurer', IMA(Indian Medical Association), Nilgiris Branch, Tamilnadu [from 1985-1989]
  • 'Secretary', IMA(Indian Medical Association), Nilgiris Branch, Tamilnadu [from 1989-1990]
  • 'Member', IMA State Council [from 1990-1991]

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